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Our Service

Carpet Design

To provide innovative design, excellent quality carpet which meet our customer's demand. The carpet market is a fashion business with ever-changing needs and opportunities. We follow those trends closely to provide trendy products. 

Our legendary innovative design is well recognized by prestigious interior designers and architects internationally. Starting from concept to practical solution, sample, estimation, visualization plan, production plan. Aim at what you wants!

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Carpet Supply

Total quality assurance is always our commitment to customers. We have complete control of every step in the process, from the sourcing, dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing of yarn, to give you an exceptional performance woven carpet that is beautiful, hard-wearing. Our own mills, Jiali, is built for this quality assurance.

Carpet Installation

Carpet Associates is having rich work experiences in carpet installation of different fields. We willing to advise you the installation method which match with your purpose and usage. Double stick installation for high traffic area or simple laying for home used rug. Able to provide installation for various carpet item such as wall to wall carpet, tile carpet, rug.

Beside, we have some of the repair experiences like offering repair service for cigarette hole on carpet....


Just feel free to tell us what is your idea! 

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